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Haunted Trails
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“Scariest Thing Ever”   “I peed my pants”   “Best Freakin Place To Go”  
“Scale Of 1 To 10, We Give It An 11”   “It Will Catch You Off Guard”
“Scariest Thing Ever”
“I peed my pants”
“Best Freakin Place To Go”

“Scale Of 1 To 10, We Give It An 11”
“It Will Catch You Off Guard”

October 11, 12, 18, 19, 25, & 26


unforgettable nights

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horrifying haunted trails

Watch your back…


Apocalypse training experiences

Featuring “The Birds” live Neon Sporting Clays shotgun training

& “The Heat” Gellyball Handgun Shooting Gallery

2023 trail map

"The Heat"
a Gellyball Shooting Range

Enter our Gellyball shooting range, where accuracy converges with excitement. Refine your skills to be ready for that pivotal shot. Set your sights on an array of challenging targets, each erupting in vibrant Gellyball explosions upon impact.

"the birds" Shotgun Training

Step into the shooting arena and embrace the thrill of our neon shotgun experience. Your skills will be put to the test as you aim for neon targets glowing brilliantly under the mesmerizing black light. Feel the rush as you take hold of the shotgun, ready to hit your mark with precision.

The Fear Trail

Within these woods hide grimacing creatures, crazed, mad, and infected. Take a step into the darkness, preparing to confront your deepest fears head-on. Test your nerves and push beyond your limits. You are assured an encounter with your innermost terrors that will both challenge and unsettle you.


Enter a world overrun by an unnatural infestation, where the lines between reality and nightmare become indistinct. Observe the aftermath of a horrifying infestation that has morphed the woods into a realm of nightmares. Creepy crawlers, unsettling sights, and otherworldly creatures await around every corner, ready to send shivers down your spine…

trail of the dead

Where the past lingers and the spirits of the departed roam… Every step draws you further into the tales of those who met tragic ends in these woods. Encounter ghostly apparitions and mysterious echoes of the past, embracing a chilling expedition into the unknown. Immerse yourself in the eeriness of lost souls…

the jinx

Beware the curse, as those who dare to enter might find themselves entwined in a web of misfortune. Embark on a journey into the macabre and the supernatural, where the boundaries of luck and fate are bent. Engage with the very fabric of chance and find yourself pondering whether you are on the right side of destiny. Brace yourself as you challenge your perception of luck and curses, navigating through a realm that defies the ordinary.

descend into darkness

the unveiling

“Almost Peed Myself”   “This Was Scary, Even For Grown Men”   “Best Ever”   “10 Out Of 10″
In the heart of North Florida’s desolate wilderness, a sinister saga unfurls across a sprawling 40-arce, active timber farm. This is a saga that beckons you to abandon hope, where fear transforms into a palpable presence and shadows conceal horrors beyond imagination. Introducing Terror On The Timber Farm, an outdoor haunted nightmare that transcends the realms of reality. For a mere six nights this October, Amelia Shotgun Sports stands as your gateway to terror, where the boundary between your world and the abyss becomes porous, and the grasp of malevolence tightens.
Answer the sinister call to protect and serve, your courage pushes to its limits as you navigate through trailing facilities dripping with dread. Your reward? A mastery of shotgun sports, your only weapon against the encroaching nightmares. Amidst the tapestry of terror, a ghastly narrative emerges. Once a thriving sawmill, the timber farm now echoes with the tormented whispers of an insidious virus. The forsaken mill and its barren expanses have become a refuge for the infected, forsaken souls contorted by darkness. Whispers echo in the night, their anguished cries a symphony of suffering. Rumors weave tales of supernatural metamorphosis, as the infected embrace a monstrous metamorphosis.
Venture warily along the natural paths, navigating through towering pines that shield the horrors lying in wait. Watch for the serpents slithering beneath your steps, the chorus of cicadas that echoes with a sinister resonance, and the ravenous creatures lurking within the darkness. Your salvation rests in mastering the shotgun, its roar cutting through the abyss like a lifeline. Sharpen your aim, for every shot fired is a defiant pulse against the encroaching malevolence.
Embark on the trails, each a portal into your deepest fears: Trail Of The Dead, a challenge of survival against relentless horrors; The Infection, a trial of strength against a land ravaged by the infected; and Quinns’s Fear Trail, where adversaries await, eager to infect you anew. Amin the shadows, two experiences offer redemption. The Heat, a GellyBall range where precision wields power, and The Birds, where neon targets gleam in the black light, a testament to your newfound skills.
Summon your courage, gather comparisons, and plunge into the abyss for six harrowing nights. Will you emerge unscathed, clutching tales of your triumph over terror? Or become one with the malevolent shadows that haunt the Timber Farm at Amelia Shotgun Sports? The choice is yours, but remember, in this realm, darkness reigns supreme…

***”The Birds” Shotgun Training is Included In Ticket Price. You can Choose To Be A Shooter or Spectator. All Shooters will be Vetted and undergo safety overview and instruction. Shooters Must pass all safety protocols: can not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, must be cooperative, mature & respectful to the trained staff, must be willing and able to wear eye & ear protection, must follow all directions provided by trained staff.***

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Discover more than just a shotgun club – welcome to an unparalleled revolution in experiences.

Nestled on a working timber farm, our expansive venue offers the ideal setting for Sporting Clays, Super Sporting, Skeet, Trap, and 5-Stand activities.

Embrace our warm and inviting atmosphere, designed to cater to all skill levels. From novices to experts, everyone can enjoy the thrill of shotgun sports amidst our beautiful surroundings. Experience the joy of hitting impressive targets while surrounded by nature’s charm.


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