amelia shotgun sportS presents

North florida's premier

Haunted Trails
& Experiences

“Scariest Thing Ever”   “I peed my pants”   “Best Freakin Place To Go”  
“Scale Of 1 To 10, We Give It An 11”   “It Will Catch You Off Guard”
“Scariest Thing Ever”
“I peed my pants”
“Best Freakin Place To Go”

“Scale Of 1 To 10, We Give It An 11”
“It Will Catch You Off Guard”

October 11, 12, 18, 19, 25, & 26


unforgettable nights

mark your calendar!


horrifying haunted trails

Watch your back…


Apocalypse training experiences

The Birds Neon Clays shotgun training

&  The Heat Gellyball Handgun Shooting Gallery

2024 trail map

The Heat Experience

Gellyball Shooting! Where eerie targets and hidden horrors await. Test your precision in a labyrinth of chilling surprises, each explosion adding to the spine-tingling experience.

The Birds Experience

Shotgun Shooting! Neon clay targets soar relentlessly through the night sky like eerie specters. Face the chilling challenge as you test your aim amidst a sinister atmosphere.

Unearthing Trail

ancient, restless spirits rise from their graves, seeking vengeance. Every step forward brings you closer to the unknown terrors buried beneath, ready to drag you into the depths of darkness.


The very ground you tread is cursed, and shadows hide sinister forces ready to strike. As you navigate the darkness, the eerie whispers and ghastly apparitions test your courage and sanity.


Confront the haunted plantation house, where malevolent spirits and eerie whispers await your every move. Face the terrors that lurk within every corner and shadow.


Evil clowns hide in the darkness, ready to torment your mind with their twisted tricks. Brace yourself for maniacal laughter and horrifying shocks… if you have the courage to proceed.

descend into darkness

the unveiling

“Almost Peed Myself”   “This Was Scary, Even For Grown Men”   “Best Ever”   “10 Out Of 10″

In the heart of North Florida’s desolate wilderness lies Terror On The Timber Farm, a spine-chilling experience across a sprawling 35-acre timber farm. For six nights this October, face your darkest fears at Amelia Shotgun Sports, where terror and excitement intertwine.

The night begins with The Heat Gellyball Shooting Trail, where eerie targets explode with ghostly precision, and the air grows colder. Next, enter The Birds Shotgun Shooting Experience, where neon clay targets haunt the night sky, swooping like malevolent spirits. As you venture through The Unearthing Trail, ancient spirits rise from their graves, their whispers filling the air. On the FEIRME Trail, the cursed ground pulses with sinister energy, and unseen forces lurk in the shadows.

Navigate the haunted plantation home on the Fear Trail, filled with malevolent spirits that seem to reach out from every corner. Finally, gather your courage to face Quinn’s Trail, where twisted clowns wait to torment your mind with their sinister laughs and terrifying surprises.

Summon your bravery and step into this realm of darkness. Will you emerge unscathed or become one with the shadows that haunt the Timber Farm? The choice is yours, but remember, in this realm, darkness reigns supreme.

(The Birds Shotgun Training is Included In Ticket Price. You can Choose To Be A Shooter or Spectator. All Shooters will be Vetted and undergo safety overview and instruction. Shooters Must pass all safety protocols: can not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, must be cooperative, mature & respectful to the trained staff, must be willing and able to wear eye & ear protection, must follow all directions provided by trained staff.)

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Discover more than just a shotgun club – welcome to an unparalleled revolution in experiences.

Nestled on a working timber farm, our expansive venue offers the ideal setting for Sporting Clays, Super Sporting, Skeet, Trap, and 5-Stand activities.

Embrace our warm and inviting atmosphere, designed to cater to all skill levels. From novices to experts, everyone can enjoy the thrill of shotgun sports amidst our beautiful surroundings. Experience the joy of hitting impressive targets while surrounded by nature’s charm.


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