If You Would Like To Reschedule Your Ticket Purchase. Go To Ticket Purchase Page And Find The “Upgrade Your Existing Order” Section And Follow The Instructions.

You Will Be Able To Reschedule Your Ticket To A Time Slot That Is More Convenient To You (Pending Availability).

If You Miss Your Time Slot And Arrive Late On The Same Night Your Ticket Was Issued, We Will Do Our Very Best To Get You Into The Queue Lines At The Earliest Possible Time. But, Please Know, Those With A Properly Timed Ticket Will Always Get Entry Priority.

Please Arrive On Time As We Can Not Guarantee How Long Your Wait Will Be Should You Arrive Late.

Please Also Know This Only Applies To Tickets Bearing The Proper Date. There Is No Way Expired Tickets Can Be Scanned Once The Date On Your Ticket Has Passed.

There Are No Refunds, So Please Choose Your Ticket Wisely. Timed Ticketing Restricts Attendance And Once A Date Passes, We Have No Way To Sell That Lost Inventory Again. We Can Not Issue Refunds If You Purchased A Ticket And Did Not Attend.

We Do Not Tolerate Foul Language, Pushing, Vulgar Behavior, Weapons Of Any Kind, Alcohol, Drugs, Intoxicated Behavior, Obstinance, Uncooperation, Prohibited Items, Or Any Other Unacceptable Words, Actions Or Behaviors.

This Is Done For Your Safety And The Safety Of Our Workers. Depending On The Severity Of The Circumstances, A Person May Receive A Warning Or Immediate Removal. If A Guest Is Asked To Leave There Will Be No Refund.