At Terror On The Timber Farm, we’re all about delivering the most exhilarating and memorable Halloween experience. Among our spine-tingling haunted trails, the pulse-pounding shotgun sports, and all the frights in between, there’s one unique feature that sets us apart: “The Birds” Shotgun Training.

This thrilling and interactive experience is designed to unleash your inner sharpshooter. Whether you’re an experienced shooter or a complete novice, “The Birds” offers something for everyone. What makes it so special?

Professional Guidance: Our trained experts will be right there with you every step of the way. They’ll ensure your safety, provide expert advice, and help you enhance your shooting skills.

Gellyball Shooting: Ever wondered what it’s like to fire a shotgun? “The Birds” lets you experience the thrill with Gellyball shooting. You’ll fire non-lethal rounds at a range of challenging targets. Upon impact, vibrant Gellyball explosions add a unique and colorful twist to your shooting experience.

Interactive Fun: It’s not just about firing; it’s about the entire experience. You’ll be engaged, excited, and eager to take your next shot. And don’t worry if you’re new to this – our experts will make sure you feel comfortable and have a blast.

This Halloween season, while you’re navigating our haunted trails or testing your courage in our creepy attractions, be sure to take a break at “The Birds.” Sharpen your shooting skills, challenge your friends, and create lasting memories.

Terror On The Timber Farm is all about offering you a Halloween adventure like no other. With “The Birds” Shotgun Training, you’ll add a new dimension to your experience – one filled with excitement and camaraderie. This Halloween, make sure your aim is true, and join us for a shotgun training session that you won’t soon forget!

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