As the sun sets and the moon’s eerie glow takes over the sky, we’re excited to share a thrilling partnership that promises to make this Halloween season unforgettable. Terror On The Timber Farm is teaming up with Nassau County Parks & Recreation for a night of spine-tingling fun and fantastic frights.

Nassau County Parks & Recreation has long been dedicated to creating community-centered events and offering delightful experiences to its residents. This year, they’ve taken it a step further by joining forces with Terror On The Timber Farm, Northeast Florida’s premier Halloween haunt experience.

What does this partnership mean for you? On October 27th, when Nassau County Parks & Recreation hosts its Halloween festival, you’re in for a treat. Not only will you enjoy the festivities of the festival, but you’ll also receive a special discount on tickets to Terror On The Timber Farm. That’s right, your journey into the world of spooky adventures just got a whole lot easier on your wallet.

But there’s more! To make this partnership even sweeter, you’ll have the chance to hop on a shuttle from the festival to the haunt and back. No need to worry about the logistics; Nassau County Parks & Recreation and Terror On The Timber Farm have got it all covered. It’s a convenient and seamless way to explore the horrors that await you at the Timber Farm.

Get ready for a night like no other, where the Halloween spirit collides with spine-tingling fear. The partnership between Nassau County Parks & Recreation and Terror On The Timber Farm ensures that your Halloween celebrations are packed with thrills, excitement, and community spirit. Stay tuned for further details and special offers, and make this October 27th a date to remember in your Halloween adventures.

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