Are you ready for an adventure that will send shivers down your spine? Look no further! Terror On The Timber Farm is gearing up for an electrifying Halloween season, and we’ve got some thrilling surprises in store. To make sure you don’t miss out on the spine-tingling action, keep a close eye on our social media accounts.

Why Should You Follow Us?

  1. Free Ticket Giveaways: Who doesn’t love freebies, especially when they come with a generous dose of terror? We’ll be running exclusive contests and giveaways on our social media platforms, offering you the chance to win tickets to our heart-pounding haunt experience. Keep your eyes peeled for your shot at a bone-chilling night out, on the house!
  2. Insider Tips and Tricks: Want to make the most of your visit to Terror On The Timber Farm? Our social media channels are your go-to source for insider information. We’ll share tips on navigating the haunted trails, must-try experiences, and even ways to enhance your adrenaline-packed adventure.
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  4. Event Updates: Stay in the loop with real-time event updates, including any schedule changes, special guest appearances, and more. Our social media accounts are your direct line to the most current information about Terror On The Timber Farm.

Where to Find Us:

Get ready for a Halloween season like no other, where the scares are plentiful, the adventures are unforgettable, and the prizes are thrilling. Don’t miss out on your chance to win free tickets and gain access to invaluable tips and insights. Follow us on our social media channels today, and let the countdown to terror begin!

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