As the haunting season sets its eerie stage, a chilling thrill awaits at Terror On The Timber Farm, North Florida’s premier outdoor haunted attraction. Get ready for a heart-pounding adventure, as the Timber Farm at Amelia Shotgun Sports opens its gates for six nights this October, inviting you to embark on an unforgettable journey through terrifying haunted trails. But beware, for what lurks in the darkness of this 40-acre, active timber farm will test your courage and survival instincts.

A Call to Serve and Protect: The Halloween season summons the bravest souls to prove their fearlessness. As you enter the haunting grounds, you’re called to serve and protect, for the unique, terrifying, and horrific events occurring on this otherworldly property demand courage and strength. Surviving the training facilities grants you the coveted shotgun sports training, equipping you with the skills needed to fend off the horrors that lie in wait.

A Sinister Past Unleashed: Once a fully-functioning sawmill, the timber farm’s history has taken a sinister turn due to an unprecedented virus. Now home to the infected, who gather in packs to prey on the unwary and weak, the abandoned mill and surrounding farmlands echo with unspeakable sounds and harrowing tales. People claim to hear the shrills of unsuspecting victims and even believe some have succumbed to the supernatural, transforming into animals, skinwalkers, cannibals, and the undead.

Staying One Step Ahead: To avoid being infected, you must navigate the natural dirt paths of Amelia Shotgun Sports, winding through eerie pine trees and shadowy landscapes. Stay vigilant, as nature’s creatures, from snakes and cicadas to rabid animals, add to the haunting atmosphere. Every step demands caution, as the darkened trails are a relentless test of your courage and ability to evade lurking terrors.

The haunting season begins, and Terror On The Timber Farm awaits the bravest of souls to face the unknown. The Halloween haunted trails offer an unparalleled experience, where fear and excitement intertwine in a chilling dance. Will you dare to step lively and prove yourself capable of surviving the horrifying journey that lies ahead? As the shadows deepen and the haunting night descends, your courage and vigilance will be the key to unlocking the secrets of this spine-tingling outdoor haunted attraction. The darkness beckons; the haunting season has arrived!

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