The air was electric, and the anticipation hung like a shroud as we ventured into opening weekend at Terror On The Timber Farm. The moment had finally arrived, and thrill-seekers from all around Northeast Florida descended upon Yulee, eager to experience a world of terror and excitement like never before.

As the sun dipped below the horizon on that Friday the 13th, the eerie woods of the Timber Farm came to life with spine-tingling energy. The haunting symphony of screams and laughter echoed through the trees as the first brave souls embarked on the Fear Trail, Infestation, Trail of the Dead, and The Jinx.

Every twist and turn led to chilling encounters with ghostly apparitions, grotesque creatures, and unexpected horrors. As they delved deeper into the darkness, the lines between reality and nightmare blurred.

The heart-pounding experience continued with Apocalypse Training Experiences. “The Heat,” a Gellyball Shooting Range, provided an opportunity for guests to test their accuracy while vibrant Gellyball explosions erupted upon impact. “The Birds,” a Shotgun Sport Demonstration & Experience in eerie blacklight, left guests in awe of the artistry of shooting sports.

Amidst the screams and adrenaline-fueled excitement, friendships were forged, and shared fear brought strangers together. Families, friends, and brave individuals seeking a jolt of terror reveled in the unforgettable adventures that awaited them.

The atmosphere was palpable, and the terror was real. It was a truly successful opening weekend, and as we gear up for more spine-tingling nights, we invite you to join us in this Nightmare Adventure. Are you ready to embrace the unknown and create unforgettable memories? We’ll be waiting for you in the sinister woods of Terror On The Timber Farm, where your darkest fears come to life. Get your tickets now and be part of an experience that will stay with you long after the night is over.

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