Deep within the heart of the Timber Farm at Amelia Shotgun Sports lies a chilling secret that chills the bones and ignites the imagination. Once a bustling hub of industry, equipped with a fully-functioning sawmill, the landscape has morphed into an eerie tableau of desolation, shrouded in the shadows of an unprecedented virus that forever altered its fate.

As the sun dips below the horizon, the abandoned mill and the acres of partially milled land take on a sinister life of their own. Whispers of the infected circulate through the night air, tales of souls cast aside by society and twisted by the malevolence of the virus. These forsaken beings, left to roam the darkness, gather in packs, their hunger for chaos and fear palpable.

The very air seems to pulse with the resonance of the unspeakable, as unsuspecting victims wander into the fray. Amid the chilling cacophony, claims abound of tortured cries that pierce the stillness, heralding the fates of those who tread unwarily. Yet, the terror doesn’t stop there. It is whispered in hushed tones that some of the infected have undergone a transformation beyond human comprehension. Becoming animals, skinwalkers, cannibals, or even the very embodiment of the undead, they prowl the night with a malevolence born from the abyss itself.

As you step onto the natural dirt paths that wind through the pine trees of Amelia Shotgun Sports, remember that the shadows hold secrets, and the infected are far from the only threat. Snakes slither, cicadas chorus, and the world teems with rabid animals lying in wait. The night conceals a symphony of horrors, both physical and supernatural, a haunting reminder of the darkness that has consumed The Timber Farm.

Prepare to confront the chilling legacy of The Timber Farm’s past as you navigate its haunting trails and uncover the chilling mysteries that lie beneath the surface. Are you strong enough to survive the descent into darkness, or will you succumb to the malevolence that festers within? The choice is yours, as you dare to tread where the infected roam and the supernatural takes hold.

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