As the moon waxes, the eerie glow of October settles over Terror On The Timber Farm, casting ominous shadows across our haunted trails. Week 2 heralds a descent into the darkest depths of fear, where chilling encounters and spine-tingling mysteries await. With each step, visitors are drawn deeper into a realm of the unexplained, the paranormal, and the profoundly unsettling.

The Jinx: A Cursed Legacy
In the dead of night, guests venture into the chilling tale of The Jinx. Stories of a cursed bloodline and a sinister curse that haunts all who dare to enter are sure to send shivers down your spine. Beware the relentless spirits that haunt these woods.

Infestation: A Plague Unleashed
The Infestation beckons the brave to navigate through a plague-ridden wasteland. The buzzing of unseen creatures and a sense of impending doom create an atmosphere of palpable dread. The weight of fear is almost tangible as you traverse the trail, wondering what might be lurking in the shadows.

Fear Trail: A Descent into Madness
Fear Trail promises to be an experience that will make you question your sanity. It is a dark and treacherous path, where the very air is heavy with foreboding. Expect the unexpected as you encounter nightmarish entities and the disconcerting echoes of those who came before.

Trail of the Dead: Where the Past Lingers
Trail of the Dead draws you further into the tales of those who met tragic ends in these very woods. Eerie apparitions and the echoes of long-lost souls come to life, creating an unsettling expedition into the unknown.

Week 2 at Terror On The Timber Farm offers no respite from the relentless horrors that have earned it a reputation as Northeast Florida’s premier haunted attraction. The nights grow longer, the moon shines brighter, and the spirits of the departed come closer to life. This Halloween season, embrace the eerie and confront the creepy, if you dare.

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